FAQ | tattoo states


Are Tattoo Safe?

Yes, as long as you go to a reputable artist that is following all recommended safety precautions. Find out what these recommendations are by going through the safety checklist.

What should I expect when I go to get my tattoo?

We’ve got it all laid out for you, get in touch with your tattoo artist.

Can I use some kind of numbing cream?

These kinds of products are really not recommended. The cream is applied to the skin and you have to wait 30 minutes for it to take effect. Once it starts working, it only lasts for about 30 minutes. An average sized tattoo takes anywhere from 30 minutes to three hour sittings and subsequent sessions. When the sensation returns, it is a shock to the system and the discomfort felt from being tattooed becomes more painful.

The fact of the matter is, getting a tattoo or piercing just isn’t that bad! But it is a “right of passage” that many feel should be earned by dealing with the discomfort that may go along with it. If you are not willing to do that, maybe a tattoo or piercing is not right for you. If you really want a tattoo or piercing, there are other ways you can “survive” them without going through all the trouble of these numbing products.

Does it hurt?

Pain is really relative. Everyone has a different toleration to pain, though – it does hurt. Just not that much. Some have compared it to a “hot scratching feeling”. But, people would not be returning again and again for tattoo after tattoo if it hurt that bad! Most of us are not into pain, but the beauty of the tattoo and the pride associated with wearing it far outweighs a little pin-stick here and there.

Should I tip my tattoo artist?

Tipping is a really nice gesture! But, there are no real solid ground rules for tipping. Gratuity for a tattoo or piercing can’t really be determined by the percentage rating most use for tipping a restaurant server. A tip, instead of a percentage, should be based on (1)how much you can afford and (2)how much you feel it is worth. A 400 rupee tip would certainly be accepted more graciously than nothing at all.

To tip an artist…shows that you thought the artwork you just received was well worth what I charged and you were happy enough to add a little. It’s not requested and it’s not required…The words, ‘That’s kick ass!’ mean a lot more to me than any tip.” – Tattoostates

Is it OK to get a tattoo if I'm sick?

Getting a tattoo when your immune system isn’t at 100% isn’t a good idea. You’re going to need your strength and your white blood cells to heal your tattoo, something your body won’t be able to do if it’s already doing battle against virus and bacteria. Not to mention the fact that it’s very inconsiderate to bring your illness into the tattoo studio and risk passing the germs onto others, particularly your artist. If you have an appointment, call and reschedule for when you’re feeling well again.